Did you know your favorite drink could lead to a DUI?

Cocktails at the bar

Cindy typically unwinds at the end of the day with a glass or two of wine. She may kick off her shoes after work and pour a glass as she changes from slacks to her sweat pants on any given day. Typically, she sips on it as she prepares dinner for her family, and may have another glass after the kids go to bed while watching her favorite show. Cindy doesn’t consider herself a heavy drinker by any means, and feels her two drinks a day are well within an acceptable limit for maintaining sobriety, so when a couple of girlfriends invite her out for happy hour she doesn’t think twice about her second Cosmopolitan before paying her tab and getting in the car to drive home – until she sees the flashing lights in her rear view mirror and begins digging for breath mints. Could Cindy’s measly two drinks have really impaired her driving?

All drinks are not created equal.

Defining how much alcohol you are consuming by how many drinks you have in one setting can be misleading. The problem with this is that different types of alcohol also have varying amounts of alcohol content. From lowest to highest, wine coolers have the least alcohol content, with beer following, then wine, then hard liquor (or mixed drinks).

As a matter of fact, size DOES matter.

Additionally, while you may pour yourself only what equals a cup of liquid at home, a bartender at a restaurant may pour a cup and a half. Even the size and shape of the glass can fool your eye into thinking you’re not drinking as much as you really are. Then, to top it all off, you might be getting your drink topped off! If you’re at a party where servers or your host are looking after you, they may be topping off your glass when you’re not looking. This can lead to overconsumption when you think you’ve only had a couple of glasses when in fact you’ve had 4 or 5.

At Risk for DUI

Even though you may be a very responsible person who would never knowingly get behind the wheel of a car when you are under the influence, it can be very easy to consume too much without realizing it. Getting a DUI when it’s completely out of your character can be incredibly embarrassing, and expensive in more ways than one. Besides your reputation, it will cost you in legal and court fees, and may even cost you to take defensive driving classes or undergo rehabilitation.

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