Stopped for DUI-Don’t Refuse Breathalyzer

drunk driving

If you are stopped for suspicion of a DUI in Oklahoma, do not refuse to take the breathalyzer test.  If it’s your first offense, refusal to take a breathalyzer test will result in an automatic six-month suspension of your driving privileges. If you have a previous DUI or APC conviction,  it will count as if this were your second refusal, which is punished by a one-year suspension of your driving privileges whether or not you are convicted of the offense.  The failure to take a breathalyzer  test is a violation of the driving privileges controlled by the Department of Public Safety, separate and apart from the arrest and court proceedings. If arrested, to prevent the automatic suspension,  the test should be taken. If you have been arrested for an alcohol offense while driving,  contact  Frank M. Hagedorn,  Attorney at Law. Our firm has extensive experience and can guide you through the complex legal system involved with a DUI.